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Studia Bezpieczeństwa Narodowego nr 4 


National Security Studies – Studia Bezpieczeństwa Narodowego (English version)

Article submission guidelines for publishing

in the “National Security Studies”

 (all the questions and articles please send to our e-mail address:, the articles sent should adhere to the following informations for the authors)
The acceptance for publishing in the “National Security Studies” is free, but limited to topics dealing with both general and specific issues of security, and problems thereof.

We accept articles in the following languages: Polish, English and Russian

In order to maintain ease of collaboration between the authors and editors, we ask you to keep in mind the following guidelines:

Your article should include among the others:

- title without the abbreviations (unless the abbreviations are commonly known),

- first and last name of author/authors (the first author will be considered a contact person for the editors), name of the institution/institutions being represented by author/authors,

- abstract in language of the article below the names and affiliation (if different than English, authors should also submit English translation of the abstract at the end),

- article’s key words (at least 3) right below the abstract

- the abstract should be in form of a descriptive text for the entire article, accenting the essentials of the academic perspective.

The manuscript should be written and printed in one file only, in “Word” text editor according to following:

- page size A4, one-sided printout,

- font number 12 (Times New Roman)

- text spacing 1,5

- right margin 3,5 centimeters

- consolidated and constant numbering



It is asked that the pictures will be generated in computer programs using vector graphics, for example CorelDraw or similar. Pictures and tables can be inserted into a text, close to the reference made to them or presented as an individual files with names, numbered, with reference to text description. Table should be consistently numbers (independently of the illustrations), should have short titles and headline columns.



Photos should be delivered in forms allowing for a scan or in file types TIFF or JPG, in resolution not lower than 300 dpi.



Should be made in straight letterings with the quotation marks and source of quotations and footnoted (with numbering part of other footnotes of the article), and be the same within entire article, as shown in an example:

“Within the last hundred years changes in the world are more tangible than in the centuries before. The reason for this does not rest in the political and economic doctrines but in the instantaneous progress of technology…"1.

“Above all, the threats to socio-political security rest in aggressive nationalism, racism, xenophobia, religious fundamentalism, intolerance, leading to violence and ethnic cleansing, as well as braking of the human rights”2.